Eastern Produce is uniquely placed to support our customers’ businesses for a number of reasons:

  • The climatic conditions on our Kenyan estates ensure year-round tea growing capability, providing teas that are bright and golden with outstanding flavour. Our Malawi teas offer high quality and good value. Our focus is on the production of teas with consistent high quality. We have maintained this standard over many years by retaining good people in our business who have applied sustainable agricultural policies, ensuring that our workers are well treated and long-term capital investment. In summary, we offer teas of consistent high quality and a complete spectrum of type and value; the total African tea package
  • We control all aspects of the supply chain from garden through to warehousing and onward dispatch if required, providing full product traceability
  • Our experience is valued world-wide to deliver the quality and quantity required by agreed dates
  • We apply internationally recognised agricultural and manufacturing standards in all our businesses
  • Our factories are Fairtrade certified as processors and exporters and we subscribe totally to the Fairtrade code of practice
  • All our estates and factories are Rain Forest Alliance certified

Adding further value to our customers’ businesses:

We are immensely proud of the standards our businesses have achieved over the years. Founded on strong core values these will continue to get better through our continuous improvement approach. We seek to apply this in developing customer partnerships continually asking the question, how can we improve the service we provide? The entire tea supply chain from gardens through to branded and private label manufacture and supply has undergone enormous change over the years and change will continue as we all seek to provide better service, improved costs, reduced working capital and ways in which to manage scarce resources better and more responsibly.

Given the generations of expertise Eastern Produce has acquired in Kenya and Malawi, we would welcome the opportunity to work even more closely with our customers to find answers to these challenges. There is a spectrum of opportunities ranging from blending teas in Mombasa drawn from our estates in Kenya and Malawi to reduce handling costs and ensuring traceability; accessing our deep knowledge of Malawi logistics to ensure teas arrive at their destination on time; right through to the Fairtrade and Rain Forest Alliance options we can offer. We look forward to talking to you about these and other possibilities.