South Africa


Eastern Produce South Africa has three Macadamia plantations: Maclands Estate and Mambedi River Estate located in the Limpopo Province. Both are relatively young estates established in the mid-nineties and are now reaching maturity.

All macadamia nut in shell is processed at Zetmac Processing Factory situated on Mambedi River Estate, also in the Limpopo Province, next to the Maclands Estate.

The Zetmac Factory, HACCP and ISO 22000 certified, is owned by various macadamia nut producers, with Eastern Produce having the majority shareholding. Nuts are marketed under the ‘Maclands’ brand.

Our estates produce the Integrifolia and Beaumont macadamia varieties both recognized for their outstanding texture and taste.


 Future Developments at EP South Africa

EPSA purchased the Beja Estate located in the Limpop Provine in 2020. This estate will be used to grow avocados to diversify the business. 

 Our estates are POPIA registered. 

Zetmac POPIA Guidelines and Training Manual 

EPESA POPIA Guidelines and Training Manual