EP Kenya Map


Eastern Produce Kenya tea estates are situated in the Nandi Hills, on the equator, west of the Great Rift Valley, approximately 350kms North West of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. The equitable climate, between 1000 to 2000 meters above sea level, ensures that tea can be picked all year round.

Nandi Hills enjoys two wet seasons; the short rains during October and November and the long rains, beginning at the end of March through to early June. These rains keep the moisture in the ground for much of the year and the teas produced are of excellent quality, bright and golden with outstanding flavour.

Tea Operations

Eastern Produce Kenya owns five factories and seven estates and manages two client factories with three large associated estates. Each of the seven factories produces teas of distinctive quality and flavor making them unique amongst quality Kenyan teas. EPK also provides extension services to 7500 smallholders, taking in green leaf to process into black tea.

Teas are transported by road to Mombasa from where there are good shipping connections to world-wide destinations.

The tea garden marks in the EPK group are sold under the following names: Sokot, Chemomi, Kepchomo, Kipkoimet, Kamarya, Sitoi, Siret* and Kibwari*

*Managed: on behalf of various local producers