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With areas of land ranging from 0.04 hectares (0.1 acres) to 500 hectares (1200 acres), smallholders grow tea and supply green leaf to our factories for processing into black tea. Currently there are 7500 smallholders who supply leaf accounting for approximately 33% of the total green leaf processed through our factories. We have comprehensive green leaf agreements with smallholders covering quality standards, the business relationship and food safety.

Smallholders are important to us in enabling our factories to operate at optimum efficiency and in helping to maintain good relations and stability with surrounding communities. Our factories have Fairtrade Processor & Exporter Accreditation, with green leaf sourced from smallholders who are registered as Fairtrade Labelling Organisation producers.

Some of the smallholders who sell green leaf tea to EPK are registered with Fair Trade under the Sireet Outgrowers Empowerment and Producer Company Limited (SOEP).  

SOEP is an independent company, with its own directors and management and handles their own administration.

The premium funds received from the sale of Fair Trade certified teas are used for social upliftment within the surrounding community.  To-date the Fair Trade premium has been utilised to fund projects ranging from water supply to medical dispensaries and accommodation for teachers.

EPK has a fully-fledged outgrowers department, headed by a General Manager and Field Officers, providing management advice, agronomic guidance and training to smallholders and outgrowers that supply their leaf to our Factories.