International Grade Standards

Importantly we manage the entire supply chain, from plantation management, through to nut processing, packaging and storage, providing optimum quality and complete product traceability. We also produce international grade standards as listed below and are therefore able to supply most customer requirements.

Style 0 Greater than 20mm with min 98% wholes AA1
Style 1 16mm to 18mm with min 95% wholes AA2
  14mm to 16mm 95% wholes AW2
Style 2 Greater than 13mm with min 50% wholes and large pieces ranging in size from 13mm upwards AW3
Style 4L Greater than 13mm with min 90% halves AAH and E
Style 4 / 4R 10mm to 12mm with min 80% halves AH
Style 5 8-12mm large chips  
Style 6 5-9mm chips and pieces M
Style 7 3-6mm chips  
Definition of whole kernel: Whole kernels are kernels which are not split or separated into halves, with not more than 25% of the kernel missing provided that the kernel contour is not materially affected by the missing portion.