All of our businesses have the potential to impact the communities in which we operate. We will continue to make a positive contribution to these communities wherever possible in the passionate belief that the well-being of the community has a positive impact on our operations.

It is our policy to:

  • Consult the local communities affected by our businesses and ensure that all comments are responded to and, where appropriate, acted upon
  • Understand how our businesses can most effectively support the needs of their local communities and contribute to local programmes and initiatives
  • Ensure that the social effects of major investments are assessed and monitored at the planning stage
  • Ensure the provision of basic services to employees and their dependents. This may include, as appropriate:
    • Access to potable water and foodstuffs
    • Access to primary health care
    • Ensuring that resident children of employees of primary school age are in school
    • Facilitating access to secondary schooling for the resident children of employees
    • Access to company housing that meets or exceeds local norms or statutory requirements

Water pumping station providing fresh water to communities that neighbour our estates